felix the cat

ph60 januari 2019 laantje

god en masker

ph60 tuin tegenlicht

Routens rekje

zoo paris

cleanig the crank soap

Long koe

Long boom bloesem

Donald Duck is very popular these days.


butternut cut

boos meisje

echtpaar cutout

chatelet springer

avond kamer

billy burk



I am barred from the event.

Slip away

There’s so much I want to tell you about the way I’m disappearing.

Still lifes

The little things neatly placed in a row somewhere on a table. By chance some light on the right spot. That’s all it is.

Koe (cow)

Cows are friendly, curious and intelligent animals. I always have the strong urge to say hello to them when we meet along the way. Cows remember you and recognize you and I also believe they greet back. And if you’re lucky, you can see them licking each other like cats do.
It is sometimes hard to see how we treat them out of ignorance.

Jo Routens 1960

This bicycle, build by Jo Routens in 1960, has the same age as me. I spend a big part of my time on this handmade randonneur.
Unfortunately, the bicycle was badly damaged in a fire in the summer of 2018 and is waiting for a Phoenix treatment.

Dujardin 1950

The Dujardin is a beautiful build bicycle. Some may say, she is just a little bit to big for me, but I know, her souplesse and her strength brings me everywhere.

Cobra porteur

I build this porteur a few years ago to carry a gas bottle from the shop to my house, a 7km sloping ride. The markless pre ww2 frame is made out of rare lightweight Cobra tubes and has a 4 speed derailleur.

Peugeot PH60

Vitus – № 267902 1949 Best build Peugeot randonneur ever.

Peugeot PR10

Not the top model of Peugeots product range from 1975, but absolutely one of my favorite bicycles. Equipped with the best parts you could get at that moment. I wish i had the time and lots of good weather to ride it more often.

Cycles Colibri 1950

La marque des jeunes. A very rare randonneur assembled by V. Darcon around 1950. Cycles Colibri are known for their racing team and outstanding race bikes in the first half of the 20th century.

Hugonnier Routens mixte

Very light mixte frame build by the master builder from Grenoble, Jo Routens. Late 40’s early 50’s.

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