Still lifes

The little things neatly placed in a row somewhere on a table. By chance some light on the right spot. That's all it is.



There’s a need to sleep. – 2018

Brake Cable Housing2018



Dynamo JOS 3w type R – 2018

Relaxing Green bean2018




Vive le chainring !2018

Avoir l’apprenti dans le soleil2018

A dead Asian hornet2018


Tiffany Beth Stewart had disappeared. – 2018

“That’s a beautiful courgette,” I said. “Can I hold it?”. – 2018

Tomorrow we will bring you back to life. – 2018

Bloem. – 2018

Phare Radios № 18. – 2018

Jo Routens. – 2018


No title. – 2018

Spare chain rings. – 2018

Cleaning the crank. – 2018

AVA “Death Stem” / Baoulé mask. – 2018

Tigra. – 2018

No title2017

Coeur de Boeuf.2017

First Narcissus of the year.2017

Tea & Two bottle cages.2017

No title.2017

Radios 6v – type M bellegarde-ain & bottles.2016

Armadillo sewing basket & Campagnolo seatposts.2016

Cibié & Cuisinière.2016

Dried mouse & Chainring.2016

Front rack & Strap.2016

Meat hook & Philippe stem.2016

Three head lights & one dead beatle.2016

La Trousse du Cycliste. – 2015




Église Saint-Sulpice⁣⁣, 2020 Église Saint-Sulpice⁣⁣, 2020 Arènes de Lutèce⁣, 2020 Jardin du Luxembourg⁣⁣, 2020 Jardin des Tuileries⁣⁣, 2020 Jardin du Luxembourg⁣⁣, 2020 La Mairie de 6e⁣⁣, 2020 Place Saint-Georges⁣⁣⁣, 2020 Jardin du Luxembourg⁣⁣, 2020 Parvis de l’Hôtel...

Slip away

Slip away

There’s so much I want to tell you about the way I’m disappearing.



Bending the light forever and ever.

Koe (cow)

Koe (cow)

Cows are friendly, curious and intelligent animals. I always have the strong urge to say hello to them when we meet along the way. Cows remember you and recognize you and I also believe they greet back. And if you’re lucky, you can see them licking each other like cats do.
It is sometimes hard to see how we treat them out of ignorance.



One side of me is kind of really sombre and the other side of my brain is very erratic.
I suppose you can never tell what an artist will do once he’s peaked.

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